Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our new puppy Riggins!
I would like to introduce the newest member of our household…Riggins! I fell in love with Riggins and we brought him home on Sunday! As I continue to stare at this precious little pup, it got me thinking of various ways to incorporate your dog into your big day! I know that incorporating your dog is a growing trend, so here are some clever ways that I found on The Knot!

Love giving the pup a bow tie to match the groomesmen ties!
Photo Credit: Eclectic Images Photography
Create a beautiful collar out of flowers!
Phot Credit: Julie Mikos
If you have a dog that can sit still, have them be a greeter to greet your guests like this little one!
Photo Credit: Mel Barlow

You can also have them be a ring bearer!
Photo Credit: Nashan Photo
If you want to get fancy, give them a strand of pearls to wear!
Photo Credit: Rose Lion Photo

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