Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pat's Cookies!

I love sweets, and for the past couple of years I looked forward to the holidays when my aunt would send these amazing and beautiful cookies! I have since come to find out that these cookies come from a wonderful woman named Pat! Pat started Patricia O’ Brien & Co in 2006 after the urging of several friends. She was finally persuaded to do it after one great friend opened her home to let her “test” customer reaction to her Christmas cookies. She baked approximately 1000 cookies of 6 or 7 different designs and her friend placed them on fabulous china platters on her beautiful dining room table. They mailed invitations to everyone they knew to come to the “Cookie Open House Sale.” In an hour and a half all the cookies were sold, her friend looked at her and said “Now do you believe me that starting a business to sell these cookies is a good idea?”

She has been baking cut out cookies since her children were small. She used to scour holiday baking magazines and was always interested in trying new techniques for decorating. She has collected cookie cutters from around the country and now has thousands of cutters in the kitchen and they only bake one recipe that’s been in her family longer than she has! They create many custom, special order cookies and they make their own cookie cutters so they can make cookies in virtually any shape and size. They love customizing cookies, especially for weddings – they do monograms, bride/groom names and wedding date or any other detail the bride would like.
I can say that we used these cookies for table decorations at my bridesmaid luncheon and they were a HUGE hit! My cousin used them at her 21st birthday celebration for table decorations and they looked AMAZING! Each individual cookie comes wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a beautiful satin ribbon in your choice and they always look perfect! Be sure to check out their website and order some of these delicious cookies perfect for any occasion!

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