Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cunningham Photo Artists

I had the privilege of meeting Drea and Casey of Cunningham Photo Artists when I was working on a project. I had heard such wonderful things about them and couldn’t wait to meet them and see some of their fantastic work. From the moment I walked into their gallery and saw the beautiful pictures, I knew that I had to find out more! I sat down with Drea and she could not have been nicer telling me more about them as well as offering advice to a new planner in the industry. Read more to find out about this amazing photography duo!

Always having an interest in photographs and art, when Casey's career assessment test put "photographer" in his top three for best choices he happily convinced his parents that he should study photography in school. Drea started dating him at the same time and being an actress she was his first model and having a degree in theatre, she helped him with many of his first shoots as an assistant and sometimes glorified bag carrier. After their son was born, her interest in acting started to fall away and Casey needed more and more help with his photography business. Drea had been listening to his advice on photography for years so putting a camera in her hand with his knowledge and her directing background was a natural fit. Casey has been shooting solo or as a second shooter since 2000 but they have officially been together as a husband and wife duo since April 2006.
They think of their style as natural, timeless and authentic on the bohemian side of things. They prefer natural light and relaxing atmospheres but also adore the opportunity for more stylized work that allows the fine art to come out and play. It is most important to both of them that their clients are comfortable with us and themselves during the sessions. They never ask someone to do something or wear something that will make them look dated or not like themselves down the road. They are deeply rooted in the present but are always thinking about the future and the historical importance of what we create. Couples that hire them share the same sophisticated yet down to earth vibe that they do; they love good food, music and friendship and want their celebrations to be a warm and joyous gathering. Their clients also always say that photography is the most important thing to them or the second most important thing to them in planning a wedding or anything for that matter.
They offer many services such as hand holding, tear drying, belly laughing, and plain old friendship. They also create exquisite photographs that people love and hold onto like treasures. They are a full service boutique gallery business featuring all custom designs. They guide clients through the entire process of a wedding or portrait session by consulting them on their vision or the vision they hold for them, finding them their style crew, photographing them expertly, planning their final products and wall treatments just as an interior designer would and of course delivering those products for them to enjoy forever. Drea and Casey want to encourage people to live with their art and let it be a positive reminder each day of their blessings.
One last thought from Drea and Casey:
We would not be in this business if we did not have a deep love and compassion towards people. Our favorite part is not popping the shutter, but opening the client's heart to all of their own beauty.
They have been featured in print, on the web, and on tv!
Featured in print: Elegant Bride, Southern Weddings Magazine, Redbook, Martha Stewart Weddings, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, Get Married Magazine, Carolina Bride, Philadelphia Weddings, Philly Mag
Featured on the web: Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings Blog, Aisle Dash, The Wed Bug, Martha Stewart The Bridal Guide, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, Get
Featured on TV: Get Married TV
Please make sure to check out their AMAZING work on their website as well as their blog! I appreciate their kindness and look forward to working with them!

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