Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Jessica and John!

John and Jessica met in Charleston, SC at King Street Grill on a Saturday afternoon in March of 2008. Jessica and a friend of hers were probably there for less than five minutes when in walks John. She immediately thought he was handsome, despite his bright yellow Maryland t-shirt, which is still to-date her least favorite shirt he owns. The only seat available was the seat right in front of her, next to their mutual friend Jeremy. Jeremy introduced them and they talked for what seemed to be the entire time they were there. In that time they realized they had been living less than a block away from each other for the last two years. When Jessica and her friend were about to leave he asked if he could have her number and the rest is history.
John and Jessica hadn't seen each other in a few weeks because she had finals. So as soon as she was done she headed south to Charleston for some post finals vacay. As soon as she got there John suggested they take George (their dog) to the park since he had been in the car so long. They arrived and Jessica immediately became nostalgic as this was the park George and her had been going to since he was a puppy; almost 5 years and John had been with them for the last two. It started out like all the other hundreds of park trips they had been on...George jumping with excitement like a kangaroo, Jessica taking in the view of downtown across the water, John by her side teasing George with the ball. She was home! She had no clue what was about to happen next. About 10 minutes had gone by of fetch and talk when John intercepted George upon his return. Jessica took this opportunity to soak in more of the view but could see them in the corner of her eye. John was down on the ground playing with him and said "I've missed you buddy. I've missed both of you. It's been like 21 days." Jessica laughed and as she turned around she jokingly asked, "you've been counting?" He was down on one knee!
Jessica and John’s wedding is going to be amazing! They are getting married at John's grandparents old farm/plantation in Virginia!Their style for the big day is farm, vintage, simple, anthropologie-esque, laid-back, and romantic.
Jessica and John are most forward to looking at each other as they walk down the aisle, knowing that there about to start a new chapter in their lifetime together, and having an excuse to gather everyone they love together under one tent, laughing and dancing.
I am so excited to be a part of your big day!

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  1. Thanks Kate!! We are so pumped to have you keep us on track :-) Lord knows we need it.