Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to I Do Details Amanda and Michael!!

I am so excited to welcome Amanda and Michael to the I Do Details family! Amanda and Michael met through Lindsay and Brandon (yay for "I Do Details" couples!) and started dating in the summer of 2008.
This past March, Amanda was given a little “to-do” list on a Friday afternoon, which Michael claimed was for her birthday. She was instructed to follow directions on the letter, stick to the timeline, and under no circumstances return home. At 3:00 she left work to head to the mall, where she was to choose a cocktail dress (he had Lindsay go earlier in the week to pick out 3 dresses for her, and she got to pick one of them to wear that evening) and was treated to a mani/pedi. After getting her nails done, she was told that she was allowed to come back home, and found a trail of rose petals leading to the door, where Amanda found Michael in a suit and tie standing amidst a million rose petals and candles. It was AWESOME!!!
After she said yes, the first thing she wanted to do was take a picture of the scene when he informed her that they were being filmed!!! He had gotten a video camera to document the purchase of the ring, the ‘talk’ with my father, and the proposal! SO PRECIOUS! Amanda's parents live less than 10 minutes from them so Michael set up a town car, and they headed over to tell her mother in person. Then they had dinner downtown just the two of them. The entire evening was PERFECT- the best night of her life!!!! I mean what an amazing proposal!!!
Amanda and Michael are most excited about sharing the rest of their lives together, and having unconditional love and commitment to each other. They are really looking forward to becoming "The Cardani's" and starting their own family.
I am so excited for their big day in April at The Ritz Carlton Uptown!
Cheers to an amazing couple!


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  1. Darling couple and darling proposal. Thanks for sharing.