Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to I Do Details Laura and Jeff!

I am so excited to begin working with Laura and Jeff to plan their big day! 
Jeff and Laura had gone away for a long weekend in the beginning of August to Newport, Rhode Island. They were watching the sunset from some rocks looking out over the water at Beavertail State Park. A sailboat was passing by in front of the sunset (which was apparently his cue), and as it sailed off he said, "This is a perfect place, except to try to go down on one knee..." He did though (and didn't drop the ring!), and the rest is history!

They are most looking forward to seeing each other as their lifetime partner and companion, being there for each other through career ambitions, starting a family, and just fun life endeavors. It will be great to embark into the future with someone always by your side...
I can't wait for their big day at The Mint Museum Uptown in October!


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