Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fireflies anyone?

My friends are the greatest, and they are always looking out for me! That is why I was so excited when a friend of mine emailed me some adorable pictures from a trip that her and her fiance were on. She knows that I am always looking for inspiration, and she thought that this picture would provide some and I couldn't agree more. After working on a couple of outdoor weddings this year, I love the idea of mason jars, candles, tea lights, big sticks, fabric, and lace, just to name a few! When I got this picture it immediately made me think of all of those things! It also made me think of an invite that I had seen on Minted, and took me back to one of my favorite elegant but yet rustic weddings of a good friend of mine. So here they are for your viewing pleasure...
Picture from Emily with mason jars and tea lights...LOVE how they are hung!

I have always loved this invite from

Beautiful centerpieces with tealights from Erin's Wedding!
Holland Photography


  1. Love this! You should definitely share this concept on Weddzilla! :)