Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner Party!

I went to college at Elon University, and was so blessed to make the most AMAZING friends. I was also fortunate to move to Charlotte with 10 of them after school! Some have moved, but the majority of us are still here and it has been an absolute blast! As we all get busy in our lives, it is soooo important to reflect on the most important people in your lives; friends, family, significant others, whoever it may be. So a couple of years back I started the annual Valentine's Day Dinner Party to bring us all together for a dinner party full of good food, fun, and laughter! I wanted to share some of the pics from this years dinner party...Enjoy!
Place cards
                                Menu cards from Nuage Mulberry

The table
                                    Linens from Connie Duglin                              
Cookies in a jar favors- Recipe from Bakerella

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